Terms reg. winter trips to Iceland

Smyril Line always plans for safe crossings and, should conditions prove adverse, we may have to change the sailing schedule accordingly. 

Sailings from the Faroe Islands to Iceland or from Iceland to the Faroe Islands 

Should weather conditions and/or technical problems prevent safe sailing between the Faroe Islands and Iceland or between Iceland and the Faroe Islands, Smyril Line reserves the right to change the sailing schedule, so that we depart earlier or later than planned. Smyril Line also reserves the right to cancel a departure. 


If MS Norröna departs earlier or later than planned or if a departure is cancelled, Smyril Line is not obliged to pay any compensation, pay for any alternative means of transport or offer any free accommodation whatsoever. Passengers are liable for these expenses. Smyril Line can, however, offer passengers who are stranded in the Faroes free accommodation on board MS Norröna, although reasonable payment for any meals will be required. 

If passengers are stranded in Iceland, Smyril Line is not liable for any expenses they may incur owing to this, including, but not limited to, hotel expenses. However, Smyril Line would be very happy to help customers find accommodation, should this be required.

As an example, if a week passes without Norröna reaching Seyðisfjørður in Iceland, and a passenger on board Norröna wishes to get to Iceland sooner, Smyril Line will not pay for a flight; passengers are solely responsible for any such alternative travel arrangements. However, if a passenger is travelling with a car and wishes to have it shipped to Iceland, Smyril Line will ensure, together with the passenger, that the vehicle is shipped to Seyðisfjørður in Iceland for free on the next trip.

Stay updated on departure times

Passengers are required to stay updated on departure times and possible changes here on our website or call +298 345800. Smyril Line will always do their outmost to inform passengers about any changes in the sailing schedule, therefore it is very important that passengers provide Smyril Line with a telephone number, which is reachable at all times.

Meals booked in advance

If meals have been booked in advance and the trip to or from Iceland is cancelled by Smyril Line, it is possible to get a refund for the meals.

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