One or two weeks in Iceland incl. accommodation

If you would like some peace and quiet in inspiring surroundings with family and friends, a holiday home vacation is right for you.

Holiday home packages include accommodation in privately owned houses. Bed linen, towels, heating and electricity is included. The houses are equipped with kitchen facilities, refrigerator, shower, toilet and living room/area. At the end of your stay you have to clean the house yourself.

We suggest visiting Mývatn in the North, bathing in the Blue Lagoon, seeing the colossal waterfall Gullfoss in the Southwest, as well as Jökulsárlón glacier in the Southeast. These are only suggestions – there is much more to explore.

One-week programme
With the one week programme you stay in two different houses, either in the North and the East or the South and the East.

Two-week programme
With the two week programme you stay for 3 or 4 nights in each region: North, West, Southwest and Southeast.

Smyril Line works with dynamic prices, which are based on supply and demand. This means that prices may change at short notice. The price of the trip is always stated in the order confirmation, and once the trip is booked, this is the price that applies. When making price proposals, we guarantee the price for three working days.

Price per person

30.03 – 29.05.2024
Departure from Denmark Saturday
Departure from Iceland Wednesday

​8 nights in Iceland
from € 1.317

15 nights in Iceland
from € 1.995

04.06 – 29.08.2024
Departure from Denmark Tuesday
Departure from Iceland Thursday

​7 nights in Iceland
from € 1.275

14 nights in Iceland
from € 2.313

  • Price includes:
    • Per person when 4 adults travel together
    • Ferry crossing Denmark – Iceland and return
    • 4-berth cabin without window
    • 1 car <1,9m H & 5m L
    • Stay in holiday homes in Iceland. Depending on the itinerary, the final night may be spent at a hotel in Egilsstaðir. 
    • Bed linen, towels, heating and electricity. End cleaning is not included, and the guest is required to clean the house before checking out.
    • Day to day programme
    • Iceland road map
  • Add-ons:
    • 4-berth cabin with window: € 41 per person
    • Book the meals on board in advance. See the restaurants and prices here.
    • Minibar in cabins with window. See prices etc here.

    For booking please contact us on +45 96558500 or

Favourable payment terms: Pay 25% at the time of booking, however a minimum of € 810. The remainder is due no later than 30 days prior to departure.


Route examples

  • 1 week

    Approx. 1400 km: This is the version of the holiday home itinerary that starts off with 3 days in the Mývatn/Akureyri area and then 4 days in Egilsstaðir area in the east. 

    See route description
  • 2 weeks

    Approx. 3900 km: This is the version of the holiday home itinerary that starts off with 3 nights in the North and takes you counterclockwise around the country. Depending on availability the route can also take you clockwise around the country, starting off in the South.

    See route description


When booking a roundtrip you will get a detailed itinerary of the trip, address of the booked accommodation, directions on how to get there and vouchers for all booked services such as accommodation and excursions.

Special needs

If you have special needs, then please inform us upon booking.

Driving in Iceland

Driving in Iceland might be quite different from what you are used to. We recommend that you check where you will find descriptions of what you can expect and guidelines about how to handle different situations that might arise.

Highland driving with your motorcycle

It is important to have a waterproof and shock-proof luggage system, a good chain and new tires. Particularly in the interior, it is best to use tires with a coarse enduro profile. There are stories about people who finished off a set of tires in 1800 km, because the gravel is sharp and destructive. It is very useful to bring a tool to measure the air pressure in the tires, a repair kit for flat tires and an extra tank for fuel, particularly if you also cook on fuel. Take care with packing: lids can easily be shaken off boxes, if they are not fixed well.

All in all, if you to do some thorough work beforehand and bring a big and tough motorcycle, it can be a wonderful adventure.

It is possible to drive the highland routes such as Sprengisandur, Behind the Mountains and the track to Askja if you have a good 4x4 enduro motorcycle (not tour motorcycle) and if you are very careful. For tour motorcycles, we recommend staying on the main roads and not driving through the highland, with the possible exception of the Kjölur track.

Snow chains

We recommend bringing along snow chains during the period outside June, July and August.

Fixed routes

The routes in Iceland are fixed. In the event of fully booked accommodation during the high season (June, July and August), travellers may expect slight changes to the itineraries.

Iceland road map

When booking a package tour to Iceland we will send you an Iceland road map, when the trip has been fully paid. 


Highlights of Iceland

Are you looking for an authentic nature experience in Iceland? We have a wealth of ideas for authentic Icelandic nature experience in places where hospitable locals would be proud to show you their country.

Get inspired

Geothermal baths in Iceland

One of the most alluring activities the locals enjoy in Iceland is going for a swim in geothermal baths to soak in the warm water. Everyone enjoys it come rain or shine. 

Read more

How to drive in Iceland

How to drive in Iceland

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