General Terms

Registration/conclusion of the Agreement

The contractual obligations between the customer and Smyril Line (SML) start upon registration/when participant receipt is issued. Unless otherwise stated these General Terms and Conditions are considered part of the agreement. What has been stated in SML’s program, brochures and sailing lists and/or in any other marketing material concerning the package tour in question is considered part of the package tour agreement, unless any other agreement has been made. In order to be effective, any special agreements based on the customer’s particular requirements must appear in the agreement.


Passengers are responsible for ensuring that the invoice/description of the journey corresponds to the reservations made. The traveler is responsible for ensuring that SML has the correct name as stated in the traveler’s passport at the time a reservation is made. Travellers are to provide SML with a telephone number or email address, which is reachable during the whole journey. When ordering tickets, information must be provided concerning any passengers with reduced physical or mental abilities who would necessitate assistance in following safety instructions. Please see regulations regarding “check-in” when travelling with special needs.

Travelling with an electric car?
Due to the safety on board, it is important that you inform Smyril Line, if you travel with an electric car, when booking your trip.

Travel Documents

All travelers must be in possession of a valid travel document, ready to present if requested. Travelers themselves are liable for any expenses, which may arise in case travelers are refused entry due to missing travel documents. All travelers are strongly advised to bring along with them valid passport, as a passport is the only valid identify caution for international travel. Leaving/entering the Schengen-area a valid passport is compulsory. If a traveler does not have an EU passport this should be mentioned when the booking is made.

Rules for Children

All travelers under 16 years are required to travel with a parent or legal guardian. Travelers aged between 16 - 18 years will require written permission from their parent or legal guardian before they can travel.


All prices include fees and taxes and are stated in €. For all car and motorcycle reservations, the maximum vehicle height is 1.90 meters including roof baggage and aerial, and the maximum length is 5.0 meters unless otherwise stated. There is a supplementary fee for all vehicles exceeding these dimensions, as well as for caravans, trailers, etc.  

ETS Surcharge / EU ETS CO2 TAX
In alignment with our commitment to environmental sustainability and in compliance with EU ETS regulations, an ETS surcharge will be added to the ticket price for each passenger. The fee applies on all journeys and will be shown on the ticket. All listed prices include this surcharge.

Iceland Road Tax
From 1 July 2024, travellers bringing electrical cars and plug-in hybrid cars registered abroad to Iceland will have to pay a fee. The fee will be added to the ticket price. Read more on

Packages incl. accommodation
Travel package prices, which include accommodation ashore, and which are stated per person, are valid for two adults travelling together unless otherwise stated.  
Accommodation at hotels and guesthouses is in shared double rooms. For persons travelling alone, there is a supplementary fee for a single room. All prices for hostel accommodation are valid for rooms with several beds. Please note that there are different regulations for sleeping bags at the various destinations. You can bring bed linen with you or rent it.

Accommodation in holiday houses in Iceland does include bed linen, towels, heating and electricity. People have to clean the houses themselves.  
On the arrival day, normal hotel check-in time is from 14.00-16.00 onwards. Hotel check-out time is normally no later than 11.00 on the day of departure. 
Accommodation at destinations is as stated in the program/voucher or travel certificate. SML reserves the right to refer passengers to alternative accommodation of a corresponding or better standard in the same vicinity. SML also reserves the right to refer passengers to ferries/ships of a corresponding or better standard. Travel information is provided primarily in Danish or English. 
Excursions, meals, beverages, accommodation ashore, as well as accompanying services, transfers or transportation ashore are not included in prices unless otherwise stated.  

Children age 0-11: Prices for transportation only and for packages including accommodation are based on accommodation with their own berth or extra bed in their parents’ cabin/room.

There is a maximum of one extra bed per double/twin room. Two extra beds are only possible at a few hotels and only by request. An extra bed can be a sofa or mattress, etc.

Terms of Payment

Transportation & packages

  • For reservations made more than 30 days prior to departure, the first installment of 25% of the price, however a minimum of € 810, is payable to SML at the time of booking. The remainder is payable to SML no later than 30 days prior to departure.
  • For reservations made less than 30 days prior to departure, the full amount is payable to SML at the time of reservation.
  • Regarding travels with a value up to € 810, the full amount is payable to SML at the time of reservation.

The date of payment receipt is decisive. In the event of failure to comply with these regulations, SML reserves the right to cancel reservations and to retain fees in accordance with the terms of cancellation.

Special payment terms are applicable for groups.

SML reserves the right to increase the price for package tours before conclusion of contract, if changes occur in for instance transportation costs, fuel prices, taxes, fees or exchange rates used to calculate the prices.

Bank Transfer (if direct booking and not through sales agent)

By bank transfer the booking number has to be mentioned.

Sparekassen Thy, Store Torv 1, DK-7700 Thisted
IBAN: DK 85 90830000311782

Post-reservation Changes

Change of departure date will result in a change fee in addition to any resulting changes in the price.

  • Changes more than 30 days before departure: € 27 per leg.
  • Changes 30-15 days before departure: € 54 per leg.
  • Changes 14-8 days before departure: € 108 per leg.
  • Changes 7-0 days before departure: € 162 per leg.

Please note that the total change fee for your trip will be the sum of the fees for all the legs you change. Change fees are payable to SML at the time of the change.

Package tours Iceland
Changes in travel packages to Iceland will entail an additional fee of € 25 per night per room in addition to any resulting changes in the price.

SML reserves the right to increase prices post-reservation due to changes in transportation-costs, including fuel costs, taxes, fees, costs of certain services, exchange rates etc.

If a booking is moved from one year to another
If a booking is moved from one year to another, it is considered a cancellation and you need to make a new booking.

Terms of Cancellation

Cancellations will result in a forfeiture of a percentage of the journey's price, depending on the time of cancellation: 

  • Cancellations more than 30 days prior to departure: 10%. 
  • Cancellations 30-15 days prior to departure: 50%. 
  • Cancellations 14-8 days prior to departure: 75%. 
  • Cancellations 7-0 days prior to departure: 100%. 

Cancellation fees may rise in case hotels demand higher fees for cancellations.
Special terms of cancellation are applicable for groups.

Changes/cancellation by SML Before Departure

Passengers are entitled to updates on arrivals and departures. Information about departure/arrival is available on phone +298 345800 or on our website. If the package tour is cancelled by SML before departure or cannot be accomplished as agreed, the customer must be notified as soon as possible. However, this does not apply to minor changes/trivialities. At the same time as changes/cancellations are announced, SML must inform the customer about the possibility to complain. The customer may terminate the agreement and have any amount refunded that has been paid according to the agreement, or take part in another package tour of his/her own choice, if SML can offer this without disproportionate costs or losses. Within adequate time after receipt of the notify caution of change, the customer must notify SML.

If the customer chooses to participate in a package tour of a higher value than the one originally booked, the customer must pay the price difference. If the package tour has a lower value than the one originally booked, SML must refund the price difference. Responsibility and exemption from responsibility for SML in case of changes etc.: If the customer suffers a loss due to SML’s changes or as a consequence of cancellation of the package tour, the customer has a claim for a refund in correspondence with general refund regulations, unless the cancellation/deficiency is caused by the fact that the number of travelers mentioned in the agreement has not been registered – that a certain percentage of travelers has been not achieved and that SML has notified the customer of this no later than 14 days before departure (for shorter excursions/bus journeys a shorter time of notice may apply) or that the loss is caused by a third party or external circumstances of no relevance to the package tour, and that SML or anyone, for whom SML is responsible, could not have foreseen these circumstances by applying adequate care when entering the agreement or could have avoided or averted them i.e. force majeure or circumstances similar to force majeure. SML does not enter into the statutory, objectively based responsibility that may lie with carriers, hotels and other collaborators. SML does not assume any responsibility for irrelevant third party damages on persons or for lost, stolen or destroyed luggage/vehicles etc. For the boat journey SML’s travelling regulations apply. Reference is made to the timetable.

Complaints and limitation of liability: If the customer finds any deficiencies during the journey or in relation to the destination, he/she must notify SML or the service provider in question to make it possible for them to remedy the deficiency. A deficiency occurs, if the traveler does not receive the services and performances that through catalogues, advertisements or special agreements with SML have been stated on the participant receipt, or the performances are of a poorer quality than what was agreed or guaranteed. If SML shall remedy the deficiency, the customer cannot claim a proportional reduction or terminate the agreement. If remedying may cause SML disproportionate costs or considerable disadvantages, the customer may be referred to claim a proportional price reduction or to cancel. Refund claims must be proposed to SML or the intermediary within reasonable time after the journey has ended. At the same time SML limit their responsibility for deficiencies and damages to the same extent as the following international conventions that may apply for the service providers, who are to blame for the deficient part of the package tour: For air carriage: The Warsaw Convention; For sea carriage: The Athens Convention; For train carriage: The convention for international rail road transports. Travelers’ accident insurance: As very low refunds are often paid according to the international conventions, and as the traveler must pay any costs concerning medical care and ambulance transportation, we recommend that travelers take out a travelers’ accident insurance. Ask our travel consultants for details.

Carriage by Independent Carriers

For land transport in connection with package tours via independent carriers other terms and conditions may apply for these companies’ part of the package tour. These regulations are supplied when the package tour is booked. Especially the rules concerning check-in time, pets and luggage may vary from one company to another.

Travel Times

All scheduled times are local times and subject to weather conditions. SML reserves the right to change the timetable. Passengers are ordered to stay updated on departure times and possible changes on our website or call +298 345800.


Check-in times can be found here.

Passengers with special needs are required to check in 2 hours prior to departure. Please inform check-in personnel when travelling with special needs so the appropriate consideration can be shown. Please note that departure time is the time/date which is stated on the ticket. SML reserves the right to cancel journeys for persons who have not presented themselves for check-in within the check in times. SML reserves the right to sail as soon as check-in has closed. Access to the car deck during the voyage cannot be ensured.

The customer has to be aware of the fact that waiting time should be expected in regards to check-in, driving on board, driving ashore, and the customer should not expect to be ashore at the arrival time in the port.

Special Needs

Passengers with special needs are kindly asked to meet at check-in no later than 2 hours prior to departure. Please inform at check-in about your particular needs in order to grant you the best service possible; (eg. let you park the car near the on-board elevator, help you to and from the disability cabin, etc.). While we do our best, you may expect waiting time in connection with departure and arrival.


Customer’s obligations – failure to appear – unused services: If the customer has not cancelled the package tour, and/or if the traveler does not appear at the stated time and place for departure or home journey, or if the customer is not able to commence or finish the journey due to missing travelling documents, e.g. valid passport, necessary visa or vaccination documents etc., SML is entitled to charge the total price of the package tour. This also applies, if the customer is expelled due to repeated gross negligence of the regulations of the carrier, hotel, etc. If a customer fails to appear at the stated transports or in any other way fails to use the performances included in the package tour, he cannot claim compensation for any unused performances/services. The customer must keep himself informed of the time of the home journey in case he has booked a round trip on his own or for some other reason has left his travelling group. Further he must obey any regulations for reconfirming airline distances that are included in individual journeys and package tours without the assistance of a conductor. Failing to reconfirm means that the airlines are entitled to make the booked seats available to other parties. Applicable law and venue: All claims deriving from a package tour, for which the above conditions have been approved, are adjusted according to Danish law. Venue for disputes: The Copenhagen Maritime and Commercial Court.

Leaving the Cabins

The cabins are at your disposal until 2 hours before arrival. The time when you are to leave the cabin can vary and is announced on board.


For safety reasons luggage and vehicles may be examined before entry is allowed on board. In case this is denied, the traveler may be refused boarding with no right to claim compensation for the fare. Luggage which might cause considerable inconvenience to or endanger the safety of the vessel, human beings or goods must not be brought aboard. The carrier shall with regard to the circumstances, without any obligation to indemnify the passenger, be entitled to bring the luggage ashore, to render it harmless or to destroy it, if brought aboard without the carrier´s knowledge and written consent. The passenger must not bring on board any luggage or article, which may be considered a safety hazard under international ship and port security code. If the violation of the above provisions causes the vessel to be detained, restricted in operation or involves the imposing of a fine upon the carrier, the vessel or its owners, the passenger is to indemnify the carrier for any and all costs and expenses caused thereby including, but not limited to, the loss of revenue. The traveler must observe all regulations in laws and international conventions, which concern transport of dangerous goods/luggage.

Smoking regulations

Smoking is only allowed in the smoking area Hjallurin on deck 9. This restriction applies to both passengers and crew. It is not allowed to smoke in the cabins. Any violation of these rules will result in a fine of 203 EUR.


Vehicles without a driver or registration number as well as vehicles meant for permanent import to Iceland must be booked as freight. Please view information here.

Regarding shipping to the Faroe Islands we refer to Smyril Line Cargo: Tel. +298 309600 or

Regarding shipping to Iceland we refer to Smyril Line Cargo Iceland: Tel. +354 4702800 or

Travel regulations for the import of plants and plant products

The rules for importing plants and plant products from countries outside the EU stipulate that it is not permitted to import plants, seeds, fruits, and other plant products from travels in countries outside the EU, without these being accompanied by a phytosanitary certificate. Read more.

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