Several good reasons to travel to the Faroe islands

In the deep North Atlantic lie 18 beautiful islands just waiting to be discovered. The Faroes are synonymous with unspoiled beauty and untouched nature, new Nordic cuisine, preserved architecture, the world’s cleanest air and freshest water. An exciting and unique combination of nature and culture at their best. This is why Lonely Planet chose the Faroes Islands as one of the planet’s top travel destinations and National Geographic Traveller named the Faroe Islands the world’s most unspoilt islands. This is where you can immerse yourself in scenery most people recognise from The Lord of the Rings films. 

Nowhere in the Faroe Islands will you be further than 5 km from the ocean and from everywhere you can enjoy breath-taking views of its more than 340 mountaintops. The large swathes of untouched landscapes are also easy to access. Of the 18 islands, 17 are accessible and 6 are interconnected by bridge or tunnel. And this is part of what makes the Faroe Islands so special; while you are surrounded by incredible untamed landscapes in the middle of the North Atlantic, every modern comfort is available to you.

You simply have to experience the green cliff islands, which the Vikings fell in love with over 1000 years ago when they settled down and started building the society of hospitable people, who are so eager to welcome today’s visitors.  

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Highlights of the Faroe Islands

We warmly recommend the grandiose land and seascapes of the Faroe Islands. The archipelago is known for its mild winters and cool summers, but regardless of the season, you will be immersed in spectacular panoramas as soon as you sail into its fjords.

Ideas to experiencing the Faroe Islands
Highlights of the Faroe Islands.

Getting around

The Faroe Islands is a small country and getting around is easy.

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Getting around.

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