Highlights of the Faroe Islands

We warmly recommend the grandiose land and seascapes of the Faroe Islands. The archipelago is known for its mild winters and cool summers, but regardless of the season, you will be immersed in spectacular panoramas as soon as you sail into its fjords.

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7 days on the Faroe Islands

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Getting around

The Faroe Islands is a small country and getting around is easy.

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Camping in the Faroes

Camping in the Faroes.

As any true camper knows, camping is a fantastic way to experience a country and culture.

Here is an overview of campsites in the Faroe Islands and their facilities.

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Affordable culinary adventures

Discover Tórshavn, the vibrant heart of the Faroe Islands, without straining your budget. Our budget-friendly suggestions ensure an unforgettable experience while you stay at Hotel Brandan. Delight in local flavours at charming, pocket-friendly eateries such as Kafe Kaspar's tasty bagels, Panamé's delicious sandwiches in a cozy atmosphere, Bitin's inviting open face sandwiches, Kafe Umami's healthy and tasty lunch options, Haps' burgers, Landmark in Brandan for a quick and delightful bite, or indulge in mouthwatering pork chops at The Irish Pub to satisfy post-hike hunger. For a twist, try the ever-popular Thai-style takeout. Embark on a culinary journey that lets you fully savour Tórshavn's offerings without worrying about your wallet. 

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    Taste of luxury

    Elevate your Tórshavn experience with our carefully selected high-end offerings. Revel in Hotel Brandan's lavish comfort while immersing yourself in extravagant escapades that showcase the city's best. Indulge in upscale dining at Tarv's succulent steaks, savour Italian excellence at Skeiva Pakkhús, relish Faroese tapas perfection at Katrina Christiansen, and explore Barbara Fish House's local fish delights. For gourmet enthusiasts, Roks offers a culinary journey, while Áarstova presents delicious Faroese lamb. Don't miss the chance to dine in style at Húsagarður, Hotel Brandan’s own restaurant. 

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      Activities in Tórshavn

      Uncover Tórshavn's treasures, The National Gallery of the Faroe Islands and The Nordic House. Indulge at Ress Spa in Hotel Føroyar or Hotel Brandan's hot tubs or enjoy the local swimming pool. Explore SMS shopping center. For for local designer brands check out Østrøm, Guðrun & Guðrun, NF10 and Ullvøruhúsið. Stroll around Tórshavn for Statue Sightseeing, admiring the city's statues. For hikes, experience Rossagøtan or the old cairn route to Velbastaður, with an easy red city bus return. Immerse yourself in Tórshavn's best at every step. 

      Hiking to Velbastaður

      List & map of statues
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