One week cruise to Iceland

Embark on our 7-day cruise to Iceland, where MS Norröna will dock for a day and a half. On the way to and from Iceland Norröna docks in Tórshavn, in the Faroe Islands. 

Bring your own vehicle and discover Iceland's stunning landscapes at your own pace. Important: Cars cannot be disembarked during the Tórshavn stop.

The cruise period
Departure every Saturday from 30 September to 21 October 2023.

Visit 2 destinations with 3 stops
There are scheduled three stops along the route. On Mondays, spend 5.5 hours in Tórshavn, the charming capital of the Faroe Islands. Then, immerse yourself in Iceland's beauty with a 35-hour stay in Seyðisfjörður from Tuesday morning to Wednesday evening. On the return trip, enjoy a 4-hour visit in Tórshavn before departing back to Denmark. 

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from € 433 pp

When 2 people travel together

from € 433

Solo traveller

from € 583

  • Price includes:
    • Cruise to Iceland
    • Cabin without window
  • Add-ons:
    • Your own car <1,9m H & 5m L: € 370
    • 2-berth cabin with window: from € 81 pp
    • Cabin with double bed and window: from € 162 pp
    • Deluxe cabin: from € 406 pp (sold out 1 April)
    • Nordic Deluxe cabin: from € 487 pp
    • Book the meals on board in advance. See the restaurants and prices here.
    • Minibar in cabins with window. See prices etc here.
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Favourable payment terms: Pay 25% at the time of booking, however a minimum of € 810. The remainder is due no later than 30 days prior to departure.



East Iceland

East Iceland is a captivating region with plenty of interesting sights and experiences to offer. Explore the breathtaking Hengifoss waterfall, Iceland's second highest, located near Egilsstaðir. Immerse yourself in the unique beauty of Stuðlagil, a basalt canyon in Fljótdalshérað's Efri-Jökuldalur. Take a leisurely walk in the Hólmanes Nature Reserve, where you can admire the natural wonders of rock formations and diverse bird species. Lastly, experience the ancient Icelandic tradition of geothermal bathing.



Visit the Vök Baths, where you can soak in the rejuvenating waters of a natural geothermal pool and embrace Iceland's age-old tradition of geothermal bathing. Located just minutes from the town of Egilsstaðir, Vök Baths overlook the tranquil waters of Lake Urriðavatn.

. . . .

    Mývatn area

    The Mývatn area is a must-see, offering a glimpse into Iceland's geothermal activity at Námaskarð and the unique lava landscapes of Dimmuborgir. Relax in the milky blue waters of the Mývatn Nature Baths while taking in the breathtaking views of the surrounding lagoon.

    . . . . .


      The small town of Seyðisfjörður is famous for its colour and creativity. One of its best-known features is the Rainbow Street in the heart of town, which can best be described as a beautiful community project. Close by are some great restaurants, the local handcraft market and Blóðberg, a design boutique, all worth checking out. For a snack or pizza you should visit the Skaftfell Bistro.

      . .

        Tórshavn on foot

        Go for a stroll in the oldest part of town, á Reyni, and around Tinganes, which is the seat of the Faroese government. From here you can continue to Skansin, which is a historic fortification. Guðrun & Guðrun, Ullvøruhúsið and Einstakt are great for shopping designer brands in town centre. Østrøm at the waterfront, is also a treasure trove of local designer brands. Next to Østrøm you will find Steinprent Galleries, a lithographic workshop. New works are exhibited here as they come into being. Tórshavn also has a diverse range of cafes and dining options.

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