Travel to Iceland with your car

Set sail on the Norröna ferry to Iceland and explore its subarctic wonders, diverse birdlife, and stunning volcanic landscapes.

Upon arrival, embark on a memorable road trip along Iceland's Ring Road, a circular route that showcases the island's breathtaking beauty, from charming villages to cascading waterfalls and rugged coastlines.

Explore the Icelandic highlands with your 4WD
Journey through Iceland's stunning highlands, where your 4WD becomes the gateway to an awe-inspiring adventure on designated mountain roads. In this unique landscape of volcanic fields, serene mountain vistas, and untouched wilderness, the highlands' F-roads offer a thrilling yet responsible way to explore. These roads, accessible only during the summer months, are specifically designed for 4WD vehicles, allowing you to safely experience the beauty of Iceland's rugged terrain. Each route unfolds a new panorama of breathtaking views, ensuring an unforgettable exploration while respecting the delicate balance of this fragile ecosystem.

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Geothermal baths in Iceland

One of the most alluring activities the locals enjoy in Iceland is going for a swim in geothermal baths to soak in the warm water. Everyone enjoys it come rain or shine. 

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Highlights of Iceland

Are you looking for an authentic nature experience in Iceland? We have a wealth of ideas for authentic Icelandic nature experience in places where hospitable locals would be proud to show you their country.

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